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29 October 2011 @ 01:26 pm
and I don't think anyone visits here anymore, tbqh.

so many things have happened since I last posted, so many things have changed. for starters, I got into mass comm in Ngee Ann poly and, contrary to popular belief that it's full of bitchy people, I've made some awesome, funny, hilarious friends over there. I was, again, blessed with a great class full of people who're as different as chalk and cheese but manage to click wonderfully anyway. also, I got much closer to people who'd I've always been friends with but were never that chummy with (LAURA!).

school is actually amazing and I am really enjoying my modules and all right now, even if I always complain about how much work I have and how tough they seem to be. it's always be my wish to focus on what I really wanna do in future when I'm in school, instead of taking subjects that I have zero interest in like Math and Science. now I'm pretty much living out this wish, I guess.

it's not just my coursemates and class that I've been enjoying my time with. over the recent holiday, I've been to several camps that made me realise that school is much more than my class and mass comm. TCP made me learn so much and make so many new friends, and is one of the best pseudo-motivatonal camps I've been to so far. also, thanks to sheer luck, I managed to get selected as a Red Camp SL. I am (well, was) totally now up for camps and cheering and bonding and stuff but boy did I change. the Red Camp SL camp made me enjoy all of this as everyone there was really friendly, warm and made me feel like a family with my tribe, Spartans. I have to say that this holiday has been the most fufilling holiday I've ever, ever had yet.

aside from poly life, I'm still as close to my ex-classmates and Stef/Chai/Huat. even though I don't see them as often anymore, I still don't know what I'd do without them! I'm also really lucky to have Debs and Lau (and Xueer!) in Ngee Ann together with me. *hugs everyone*

I've also gotten extremely infatuated with certain k-pop groups (DON'T JUDGE TY) and actually attended a few concerts this year. SWC SG, particularly, was one of the best moments of my life and I will never ever forget it.

overall I have to say that, though I have also faced many hardships this year and I KNOW that the worse is yet to come, God has really blessed me. I hardly regret any of the choices I've made til now, and I think I've really chosen the right path.

I still miss TMS dearly, of course. my love for those 4 years of my life and the people in it will never change. I hope at the end of the next 3 years, I'll feel the same about NP. 

no one's gonna read this hahaha but yes, I just felt the urge to post this. this'll probably be my last post on this blog. (I'm more active on fb/twitter/tumblr now!) 

'til then, goodbye elljay.

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13 January 2011 @ 03:29 pm

And to you too, dear elljay (sorry I posted on Tumblr first LOL)
09 October 2010 @ 12:18 am
NOTE: Ok I wanted this to appear on both my fb and elljay so......... yeh hehehe
NOTE2: Pardon me if things sound too mushy ha ha

ANYWAY 4/8 I really just wanted to say that I love this class, always have and always will. Even though I'm not really close to ALL of you but I really feel that our class has something special, this somewhat mutual bond that ultimately can't be broken :)

And yes here is a piece of what I have to say to each of you

Irene! Haha I just realised that before we started sitting tgt last year we actually weren't really that close but yes now we are like BAOBEIZZZ! I just want you to know that you have been one of the nicest people I've ever met and I think its been a blessing that I got to sit with you for, like, a year. So cheers! (L)

Crystal!!! Haha I used to think that you were a really quiet girl but after getting to know you... NAH! Anyway you're really sweet and fun to talk to, even during all those random moments when we're walking up to class and stuff. Its all the little stuff that really count, right! :) Luvzzz

JOANNE QUEK lol can't believe we were in the same class for 4 years but I only realised how lame you can be after last year haha. Anyway you're seriously damn funny and you never fail to make my day with your funniness but other than that you're also a great person to share xin shi (as in like heart2heart) with and you can always find me if you also have xin shi yeh!!!

Rachhh haha damn you are a much funnier person than I initially thought you out to be LOL Anyway yes I will miss all the times we fail at choir/ talk at PLit/ laugh at Joanne when noone else notices/ etc and you're really great too never EVER expected we'd be such good friends (esp cos of the *cough*lower sec*cough* thing)!

WQ!!! Ok it was really funny that you wrote about me in your diary in sec 1 and now we are like what such good friends??? LOL anyway you're a super interesting and funny person to hang out with and I will miss all the PLit moments with you guys man. I mean those were some of the best moments in secondary school! :D Plus never forget... THE PARACHUTE DONKEY!

Jomzter! Yes best (and only) Lit partner ever and also another awesome person to talk to! Even when you kachao me about stupid stuff haha I still love you loads and will never forget all the awesome and stupidly fun times we spent at your house rehearsing for PLit (and also making Miss Soh's present hehe)!!

Stanley my cousin (lol) anyway ya you have probably added much joy to the whole class's lives because you are so high-larious haha I mean you know that stupid incident right if it had happened with anyone else it would've just been plain awkward but haha it seriously became damn funny can?! OK ANYWAY I will miss your stupidity like alot

Thanapong! Last time I thought you were just some super rich guy who... liked to brag (LOLZ) but I've come to realise that you're actually super nice!! I mean you lend us your high-tech gadgets like all the time and you can be really nice to talk too! So yeah glad to have known you!

SAM!!! Didn't really talk to you last year but this year changed everything! Even though you are super lame and I always become victim to your cruel jokes, you're actually really thoughtful and nice (heehee) and you never fail to keep us entertained be it in class, when we're at home or wherever :)

Hong Bin! We don't really talk much but its ok cos I know you're a really nice person!! Plus you always give sweets. And yeah you are like one of the first few people who liked Teenage Dream when everyone still didn't like it that much!!! :) WIll miss you!

Nihao Ivan haha I think like every conversation I've had with you SURE cfm got something lame inside one haha anyway you've provided quite a bit of entertainment in daily lessons even though I do not talk to you that much i.e. you always teasing me about NIHAO and the siew mai things, etc SO YEH HAHA

Sereeeeeeeene you are like a really awesome class manager (trust me!) and you are super helpful, whenever I lose my stuff or am super blur about somethings you're somehow always there to help!! Plus I like to smell the food you bring to class all the time and also I'll miss the few times where we'll both be on 14 thinking if we'll be late! :)

John! Yes Mr Mysterious and half-partner ya we don't talk alot but I srsly think you are a super nice guy!!! You always take initiative to ask me if I know how to do my work (which I, for most of the time, don't) and you are also a great class manager too! 

Nina! Same class for what 4 years?! But yeah like with Joanne I didn't really talk to you til 3/8! You've been a super funny girl and really fun to just joke around and hang out with! Plus you are like the ultimate hot stuff, as hot as the muruku \m/ I'll really miss your "FUNNY AH?"!!!

Hey Faith! We used to be pretty close last yr (Hist, comb science lessons, free periods etc) but not really sure what happened this year. Still, I'll really miss the good times we had together then like when we talked about random stuff like Verma and toothpicks! :)

Hey Hakim! Lol we're not really that close eh? But you are a really funny dude too and your sick jokes no matter how tasteless are still hilarious anyway. Plus you are a nice guy! And very random but I suddenly remember in sec 3 you showed me this fake insect thing LOLZ

DANNY! You are fun to hang out with! I mean that day out with MeStefChaiHuat was an out-of-this-world-&-once-in-a-lifetime experience right LOLZ (like the whole udders thing!) Ye anyway like most of the class you are really nice and fun to talk to like some of the random convos on msn ha ha!

Jolene! Wow remember those choir times where we did lots of stupid stuff like holding hands while singing and getting caught by Ms Ho for doing it? LOL no matter how dreadful choir was it was always fun with you around! :) Even though this year we talked less cause choir kinda ended but I'll still miss all those times with you!

Brandonz ok firstly along with Irene you are also one of the nicest people I have ever met :) Like you'll always help with lotsa stuff like Math questions and etc etc. Additionally you are also really lame and funny and last time Irene and I would at times just burst out laughing at the random things you do!

Hey Yong Wei! Ya weird but you are one of the very few people in the class that I talked to more last year than this year haha anyway you are also kinda funny and sarcastic (ok very) and yeah comb science free periods were fun when you told stupid jokes! :D

Yew Boon lol ok I always think it is weird that even though we sit next to each other we don't really talk? Maybe because I'm too boring a person haha. But anyway! I think you're also really funny like the random stuff you say and you always help me with Maths so thx! PLUS you like How I Met Your Mother too yayyy

Khishal! Even though we've only known each other for a year, I think you've been a really awesome addition to our class! Haha you're nice to talk to and quite funny too hehe plus I remember at the start of this year I always borrowed that weird hole-puncher from you? LOL

Yes overall I really love every single one of you but I shall stop being sentimental because CLASS CHALET IS COMING SOON! Anyway meanwhile jiayou for O's!!!!!! (L) 
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Dontcha miss these good ol' filming days

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06 September 2010 @ 07:36 pm
Today had cookout at Sam's place... and Cry and I made curry omu rice which was not bad! But then again everyone's food was nice LOL

Anyway have to continue studying this one-week holiday!!! Cannot lose focus. CANNOT!
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(from F1 Rocks ad)
01 September 2010 @ 12:34 pm

Current favourite duo on the telly
18 August 2010 @ 09:49 pm

Won't be posting here much so... all the best for prelims and O's everyone!
04 August 2010 @ 07:09 pm
Life has been cool... very cool

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01 August 2010 @ 10:00 am

Let's run away and
don't ever look back